Better Productivity at Work: 13 Science Backed Tactics
July 28, 2020  in 

Better productivity at work isn’t about following the newest fads or getting advice from some guru.   It’s about following the science and structuring your day based on data-driven studies.   Keep it objective and progress will come.   Here are 13 science backed tactics to have better productivity at work, while keeping stress at […]

Zeigarnik Effect: A Counterintuitive Approach to Boost Your Productivity
July 23, 2020  in 

The Zeigarnik effect is what happens when the brain can more easily recall an activity that has been interrupted.   Interestingly, the Zeigarnik effect is based on something that KosmoTime is designed to protect you against— interruptions.   So, it may seem strange and counterintuitive that I’d want to devote an entire blog post to […]

Activation Energy: The Secret to Getting Started and Getting Finished
July 16, 2020  in 

Activation energy is a term used in chemistry and physics that’s defined as the energy you have to put into a system for a chemical reaction to occur.   That may sound perplexing, and admittedly, it took me a while to fully wrap my head around it.   But it’s actually pretty simple and boils […]

What’s the Best Way to Increase Productivity? 11 Tips Based on Science
July 12, 2020  in 

Want to increase productivity?   You’re not alone.   Research suggests that the majority of professionals are interested in boosting efficiency, achieving more in the workday, enjoying more leisurely downtime, increasing focus…in a word, increasing productivity.   At KosmoTime, we share this obsession. But instead of turning to pop methods or the latest trending productivity […]

Ultradian Rhythms: How to Achieve Peak Productivity
June 30, 2020  in 

Ultradian rhythms are recurring bodily cycles that take place during the course of a 24-hour day. The term “ultradian rhythm” might sound abstruse, but the concept is simple. Working with your ultradian rhythm is all about following your body’s natural work/rest cycles to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Here’s everything you need to know about […]

43 Productivity Hacks of 2020 Based on Scientific Research
June 18, 2020  in 

There are a ton of productivity hacks out there, but a lot of them consist of overused and generic advice. Not helpful. At all. Here are 43 productivity hacks rooted in science that will help you become a productivity ninja.

Context Switching is Destroying Your Day. Here’s How to Fight Back.
June 11, 2020  in 

Context switching, where you try to juggle multiple tasks at once, can lower productivity by as much as 80%. 80%! If left unchecked, context switching only destroys your productive time, it can also overload your brain (makes you dumber as I’ll show below) and stresses you out. In this article, I’m going to show you […]

Heart Rate Variability and the Scientific Path to Greater Productivity
June 8, 2020  in 

Heart rate variability is a measure of the difference in time between heartbeats. Simple as it is, heart rate variability or HRV for short, contains a lot of messages about how your body is performing. Physicians and athletes have understood the importance and principles of heart rate variability, but the implications of HRV have seldom […]

Cognitive Load and 9 Implications for Increased Productivity
June 3, 2020  in 

Cognitive load is the amount and type of information your brain can hold and process at one time. Obviously, there’s a limit to your cognitive load. You can’t do too many things at once, and you certainly can’t do a lot of things well at one time. Cognitive load theory, then, states that if we […]