To Do List with Super Powers

With Kosmo You Will Feel Complete

This To-Do List Helps You Get Things DONE!

KosmoTime gives you Super Powers - CALENDAR MANAGEMENT, SPRINTS, AND DISTRACTION BLOCKING - to keep you focused on achieving.

Gain mastery of your tasks and calendar by dragging and dropping items from your to do list straight into your calendar. Plus, we’ve got batching, which you can execute in Sprints. In these Sprints, you’ll execute all related tasks in one fell swoop, while Kosmo blocks distractions and keeps you focused.


Feel good while accomplishing everything on your todo list. 


Sprints to Fight Procrastination and Get Stuff off Your To Do List

By creating personal sprints, you’ll experience a massive surge in productivity. Kosmo shows you how.


KosmoTime is the only to do list with a sprint feature. Creating sprints allows you to set and protect a discrete period of time to focus on raw, unstoppable achievement of your most important to do items.


Professionals who use sprints are able to accomplish up to 2.5 days of tasks in a period of just a few hours. Take that, hustlers.

Bundle Tasks on Your To Do List to Achieve Productive Flow

Cognitive psychologists and productivity experts agree that multitasking is impossible. If your to do list forces you to switch tasks, you’re doing it wrong.


What we think is multitasking is actually context switching, an energy-draining and mentally exhausting exercise in futility.


KosmoTime employs the scientific approach known as batching to help you rapidly achieve flow while maintaining laser-focused on your tasks. Finally, no more beating yourself up about not being able to “do it all.”


The result of batching is that you achieve up to 800% more without the mental burnout.

bundle tasks

Distraction Blocking:
Relentless Focus on Your To Do List and Massive


KosmoTime’s distraction blocker completely shuts out all outside distractions. There's no other to do list like it. Distractions? Nope. Nada. Zip.

  • Automatically saves and closes browser tabs to enable you to stay on just one task on your to do list. Imagine, only one browser tab open! [Total zen.]
  • Automatically places your Slack status in Do Not Disturb Mode. Your colleague’s requests can wait.
  • Tracks elapsed time on certain tasks. Know where you’re spending your time and how your to do list adapt.

Task Timing: Discover Your Rhythms and Flow States

KosmoTime is constantly tracking how long it takes you to accomplish tasks on your to do list.


By reviewing this data, you’re gaining invaluable insights:


  • Discovering your best time of day to work. Night owl? No problem.
  • Understanding ideal times for task batching. Turn off your phone. Put on your headset and go!

  • Assessing productivity flow state from sprint tasks. Prepare to be surprised by how productive you can be.


CALENDAR MANAGEMENT: Easily Drag and Drop Tasks Into Your Calendar For Effortless Execution

KosmoTime displays your calendar right next to your to do list. Simply drag and drop your tasks to the most appropriate time in your day.


This way, you’re not just keeping a list of tasks. You’re actively executing on those tasks!


It’s not complicated. Getting stuff done is as easy as drag, drop, and do.

Beyond To Do Lists: Personalized Productivity Coaching

Kosmo serves as your personal productivity coach, nudging you to shut down distractions, focus on your to do list, and keep your day humming along with maximum efficiency.


Kosmo keeps a light tone, but he’s there when you need it —

a comment here, a suggestion there.