Our goal is to enable our users to reach their full productivity potential,
and in the process recover the control of their time

and their sense of freedom.
We leverage behavioral science to optimize productivity and write
smart software to add some magic.

About the Founders

Nicolas runs Chili Piper, a fast growing Sales Tech company; he has recently been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).



After an internship in AI at Facebook, Martin finished his Master at Ecole Polytechnique, to be rewarded with ADSD (Advanced Data Science Degree).


We thought we could help each other.

About the Name

Why Kosmo?


We wanted to have a bot-like character embody the super powers of our app. We thought we should name it after its father in real life, the super talented Mik Skuza, whose middle name is Kosma. Bingo! the name Kosmo, derived from the Greek word for world or order, suits our app perfectly!


Why Time?


As for the word, timewe are focused on making every minute of your day matter, whether you use it in leisure, productivity, sprints, or sleep.