KosmoTime Now Allows You To Sync Your Calendars!

August 17, 2021  in 

Great news on the product side! This week, we released a new feature: the Multi Calendar Sync. And this is going to bring a lot of joy to anyone using two and more calendars!
Last month, we introduced the Connected Accounts feature – ie. the ability to connect your Work and Personal calendar accounts, allowing you to view all your tasks and events in one place.
Taking one big step further in the Calendar and Task Management landscape, now you can sync all your calendars! So, what does it mean?
KosmoTime offers two options, depending on your preferences:
1/ You can sync your primary calendars of your connected accounts among one another (= many-to-many). As shown below, this allows you to view all your events and tasks in each of your calendars.

2/ Or, you can sync your primary calendars of your connected accounts to your main calendar (= many-to-main). As pictured below, with this configuration you’ll be able to see all your events and tasks in your selected main calendar.

How is this going to help from a Time-Management and Productivity perspective?
Here are the 2 main advantages of using the Multi Calendar Sync feature:
1. No more double bookings!
With the real-time calendar sync feature, your co-workers, friends and family members will see when you’re available and when you’re not. By synchronizing your calendars, you’ll be shown as “Busy” whether it is for a work or personal event. Therefore, others will know when to book you for an event thanks to the transparency that offers the Multi Calendar Sync.
2. No more missed meetings!
Thanks to the sync of your personal and work calendars, you won’t miss any meetings or personal events anymore. It prevents you from toggling constantly from one calendar to the other. By seeing all your events in one place, you know what comes next, and you own your schedule.
For now, the Multi Calendar Sync feature operates with Google Calendar accounts only, but the team is already working on the rollout for Microsoft Outlook. We’ll send out a product update as soon as it’s ready. Stay tuned!
We’re very excited about the Multi Calendar Sync feature release, as we already know how it’s going to change and improve the way we navigate across multiple calendars and approach booking management.
We’re looking forward to hearing about your experience! Feel free to email me with any questions and feedback you’d like to share at [], which I’ll pass onto the team.
Happy calendar syncing!