Introducing KosmoTime 2.0: We’re Live On Product Hunt!
September 16, 2021  in 

We’re excited to introduce KosmoTime 2.0!   Over the last year, we have been collaborating closely with our users to make KosmoTime a stronger productivity app. What a journey!   We are now launching a new KosmoTime version allowing people to adopt time-blocking and use the calendar as their main tool of productivity.   Here’s […]

KosmoTime Now Allows You To Sync Your Calendars!
August 17, 2021  in 

Great news on the product side! This week, we released a new feature: the Multi Calendar Sync. And this is going to bring a lot of joy to anyone using two and more calendars!   Last month, we introduced the Connected Accounts feature – ie. the ability to connect your Work and Personal calendar accounts, […]

A complete guide on how to use KosmoTime – by Simpletivity
July 6, 2021  in 

Scott Friesen is a productivity specialist and founder of Simpletivity training and consulting. He is also a prolific public speaker, workshop leader, and time management coach. “KosmoTime is so much more than just a calendar. Why? Because KosmoTime lets you create focused blocks and tasks so you can schedule what’s important.” In this video, Scott […]

SaaS Start-Up on Product Hunt: Why And How We Get Ready For Our Second Launch
June 23, 2021  in 

In August 2020, we launched KosmoTime on Product Hunt and made it to #4 Product of The Day with 360+ upvotes. We did not have a Hunter at the time, but we managed to get good visibility and great feedback from the community.   Product Hunt Round 2: why do we plan a second launch? […]

KosmoTime joins Asana Partners
April 14, 2021  in 

We have joined the newly launched Asana Partners as a TechnologyPartner, helping to build connected workflows that distributed teams use every day. With over 200 Technology Partners, including KosmoTime, and an extensive global channel partner ecosystem, Asana Partners enables organizations to move faster and coordinate work effortlessly, no matter where their employees are located.   […]

KosmoTime Featured on Product Hunt
August 25, 2020  in 

It’s official. KosmoHunt is live on Product Hunt!   It’s a big day for KosmoTime.     We kicked off the day bright and early — 12am Pacific to be precise — to get KosmoHunt on the Product Hunt platform, where thousands of startups line up to get upvoted throughout the day. Big Hunters. Big […]

We Changed our Name! Welcome to KosmoTime!
August 13, 2020  in 

Hey there! We decided to change our name to KosmoTime!   Why Kosmo? We wanted to have a bot-like character embody the super powers of our app. We thought we should name it after its father in real life, the super talented designer Mik Skuza, whose middle name is Kosma. Bingo! the name Kosmo, derived […]

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