Introducing KosmoTime 2.0: We’re Live On Product Hunt!

September 16, 2021  in 

We’re excited to introduce KosmoTime 2.0!
Over the last year, we have been collaborating closely with our users to make KosmoTime a stronger productivity app. What a journey!
We are now launching a new KosmoTime version allowing people to adopt time-blocking and use the calendar as their main tool of productivity.
Here’s what we’re super happy to share:
1/ A better and more intuitive UI: The calendar has become the main view. No more endless and overwhelming to-do list! As per the core principle of time-blocking, you schedule your tasks directly in your calendar. At a glance, you can see what your week looks like: you know what keeps you busy and for how long, or when you have free time.
2/ Focus Block & Recurrence: Because context switching is the productivity killer we aim to overcome, we’ve made the use of Focus Block the numero uno feature. You can group related tasks together in what it’s called a ‘Focus Block’, and make that Focus Block recurring (choose a custom recurrence, or make it daily or weekly). And if you can’t complete one or several tasks from that Focus Block, no problem at all: they will automatically be moved to the next instance.
3/ Multi Calendar Sync: You can connect and sync your Google and Outlook calendars (yes, as many as you like!). This way, all your personal and work tasks/events are shown in one single place. No more missed meetings, no more double bookings!
4/ Pricing: We haven’t changed our pricing policy (yet!). KosmoTime is still free of use. Make the most of it!
What’s on our roadmap?
We often get asked. In addition to Asana and Slack, we’re going to add new integrations. By the way, if you have any suggestions, feel free to tell us on Friends of Kosmo. All ideas are welcome!
Just as ‘Recurring Focus Block’, very soon we’ll make ‘Recurring Task’ possible. And as a mid-long term goal, we also plan on developing a mobile version of the app.
Any questions? Ask us anything!
Join the conversation on Product Hunt, we’ll see you there!