Our unique Calendar features take you
to the next level of productivity.

Calendar integration

Integrate KosmoTime with Google and Outlook.

Recurring Focus Block

Select the recurrence of a Focus Block. All uncompleted tasks are automatically rescheduled to the next block.



Bookmark any URL and turn it into a scheduled task in one click with our Chrome extension.

Time Reports

Know how much time you spend on your tasks: activate the timer when you start a task and consult your time reports .

Asana integration

Connect KosmoTime with Asana and all your tasks and projects will be synced.

Slack integration

Create tasks directly from your Slack workspace and block notifications when you are in focus mode.

And more features coming soon!

We’re constantly improving our Calendar app with new features. Stay tuned!

Multi Calendar Sync with Outlook

Recurring tasks

Mobile App iOS/Android