SaaS Start-Up on Product Hunt: Why And How We Get Ready For Our Second Launch

June 23, 2021  in 

In August 2020, we launched KosmoTime on Product Hunt and made it to #4 Product of The Day with 360+ upvotes. We did not have a Hunter at the time, but we managed to get good visibility and great feedback from the community.
Product Hunt Round 2: why do we plan a second launch?
In the past months, our user base has steadily grown. Thanks to our users, we have been able to discuss and identify together areas of improvement, ways to make KosmoTime stronger, and to refine our positioning and messaging.
In our early days, KosmoTime was qualified as a to-do list with super powers. We still believe in our super powers (!) but we have realised that a to-do list is not the right tool to describe what we do.
We’ve realised how important it was to bring FOCUS back to the core of our app, therefore we’ve put new thoughts in the UI and features. From to-do list to calendar, KosmoTime remains a productivity app with a more powerful purpose: we help our users get into flow state, perform deep work and find a distraction-free concentration.
How? By offering a tool that invites practice time blocking – a powerful productivity and task management technique that consists in dividing your days into blocks of time. Each focus block is dedicated to complete a specific task or a batch of tasks.
It is a major shift for KosmoTime and we think this transition deserves to be known among the Product Hunt community that had supported us in our early days.

Product Hunt Round 2: how do we plan our second launch?
There is no secret on how to get ready for a launch on Product Hunt, and I am grateful for the friendly and helpful community of Makers and Hunters out there! I’ve read numerous insightful articles on the topic, and I am more than happy to share those sources here, hoping that it’ll help future Makers:
How to Launch on Product Hunt ? by Product Hunt
Front Page of Product Hunt! How We Launched with over 450 Upvotes by Alan VanToai
Working with a Hunter to help you launch on Product Hunt by Michael Flarup
Checklist for Launching on Product Hunt by Taskable
Based on our first experience and all the readings I have done, here are my Top 3 recommendations to prepare a launch on Product Hunt in the most serene way:
1. Start a few weeks in advance. Obviously, make sure your product is up and running and ready to welcome new users. Ensure your website and social media are live and active, and prepare qualitative assets (video, static images, messaging and description) that describe your product in the most clear way.
2. Be active on Product Hunt. Get to know the community, make yourself familiar with the platform, take part in discussions and do not hesitate to ask questions. It’s very helpful as well to look at Today’s products: from there, identify how the most popular products present themselves and how the Makers introduce themselves.
3. Find a Hunter. You can either hunt your own product (that’s what we did the first time), or find a Hunter (that’s what we are doing for the second launch). Ideally, you want to find a Hunter that not only has a strong interest and context with your field or product, but also that has a good amount of followers. The hunter does not need to be an “influencer” but you better find someone that has context with what you do. This said, their followers will get notified about the launch on the D-Day, which can definitely increase your chances to get support and feedback from people that have an affinity with your product.
Product Hunt round 2: when do we plan our second launch?
I won’t reveal the exact date yet, as we are still in the process of getting ready for the launch day.
Our product is being finalised; we have opened a space where our users can gather, discuss and submit feedback (the more the merrier, feel free join us! It’s a Slack workspace called Friends of Kosmo), and we have found a Hunter that has a strong interest with what we do – whose name is kept secret for now!
It’s only a question of days. We’ll definitely notify our community and current users via email and social media.
Stay tuned! ?