Keto Summit – Day 2 – Final Takeaways

October 14, 2018  in 

Continuation from Day 1 at the Keto Summit in Washington

My backpack is full of books and I’m ready to take the train back to New York. I’m happy I spent a weekend in Washington at the Keto Summit. Here are my 3 takeaways from today.

1. Goose bump generating stories

The summit was great mainly because you get to hear the kind of stories that are hard to believe when you see them in writing.

Like a woman who was sitting a few rows in front of me who got told she can never have babies because she has PCOS. Not only did she get 4 babies but she helped 50 others come into existence from woman around her. All by learning as much as she could from the Dr Berg videos. Lots of similar stories on fertility and great low carb pregnancies on DietDoctor and some Facebook Group I am part of where thousands of ladies are experiencing the best pregnancies they’ve ever had (no swelling, no preeclampsia, no gestational diabetes, nada)

Lots of couples at the conference as well. Many of them with kids at home. And because themselves noticed a million benefits from keto had their kids join as well. Some of them see a drastic improvement in ADHD or aggressive behavior. Some of them are seeing improvement in autism. A super interesting documentary on this subject is on Netflix Amazon and Youtube as well

This couple brought in their kids at the conference. She lost 100 pounds and since January when she started helping other people with the weight loss journey she already helped 300 people get on top of their health. She is particular very well versed in extended fasting and she and her husband looked fantastic. I could barely believe the before and after pictures.

I was also impressed with the stories from Dr Eric Westman from the Healclinics. He’s one the few doctors I know who treats diabetes patients with no medicine. His clinics have helped thousands of patients so far and for his own schedule he has a 6 months waiting list.

2. Stress/Poor Sleep is a big trigger for disease

This is something I always knew to be the case (most people around me seem to get cancer when something really bad happens to them) but I’ve never concrete measures to take precaution.

Viruses get activated or come into remission in the presence of a stress trigger. Once the adrenals get all worked up all we crave is sugar (or carbs like bread and pizza). Because it’s 10 times more effective than morphine is easing pain. And in comforting us because of increases in beta endorphins.

While we temporary feel better, sugar does a lot of damage in the body long term . Lots of scary graphs from Ivor Cummins on this.

Here are a few methods on dealing with stress better that stuck with me

Massage. Especially directly to the glands (like the gallbladder or pancreas) can dramatically decrease cortisol and blood sugars. Massage to the back of the neck before going to sleep can aid greatly in sleep quality

Long walks: 1 hour, 1 hour and a half of walking a day can dramatically affect cortisol levels

B1. Again the theme from yesterday strikes again. Foods rich in B1: organ meats and nutritional yeast. Apparently this expensive book on B1 is awesome

Dancing. Music. Nature. Laughter. We can never get enough of these.

Sleep. Some good advice was given (no news before bed, neck acupressure, no excess protein before sleep, make sure you get your daily potassium for the day ~4700mg) but I still find that this book on sleep is the best one I’ve read to date. Lots of data on what affects sleep and what doesn’t.

As soon as I’m getting my baby out, I can’t wait to try polyphasic sleep 

3. Measure everything

Since we’re all quite different there are foods and techniques that affect us in different ways. That’s why it’s good to measure and adjust.

I’ve been pretty loose in measuring correlations so far (and never tracked my macros) but I’ve been inspired by the experiments from Ivor Cummings and Dave Feldman) Things I’m going to start measuring myself in a few weeks to look for correlations  (I just bought a keto mojo)

  • Blood sugars a few times a day
  • Ketones a few times a day
  • Heart Rate
  • Exercise
  • Sleep

I’m fairly monotonous these days on my food variations so it will be easier to track correlations between what I do and my blood sugars/ ketones/exercise and sleep

To make it easier to track my nutrients (like vitamins and minerals) and macros I just downloaded Cronometer. If it doesn’t work I’ll stick with a simple spreadsheet

As soon as I’m no longer pregnant I’m going to also explore with EDTA for mitochondria energy as well. During this time I’m less inclined to do experiments like i used to do 🙂

I look forward to the next keto summit and I hope that more time will be reserved to personal stories, questions and guided workgroups on various topics people are interested in! I’ve left with many things I can apply right away and most importantly I left with super yummy chocolate from chocperfection ????