Are You Tired Of Being Constantly Distracted?
May 26, 2021  in 

Thanks to today’s technology we are permanently connected. The reality is that it also gives us alternatives during the day to escape a task or a project we don’t feel so motivated to focus on, and it creates many occasions to be interrupted and distracted from where our attention should be.   We’ve all been […]

How A Solid Daily Routine Gives Your Productivity A Real Boost
April 21, 2021  in 

One of the best ways to start my day is to get up early, do yoga, meditate and eat a healthy breakfast. From Monday to Sunday, it’s my daily morning habits that set the tone for the rest of the day. I know that getting up early is not everybody’s cup of tea, the struggle […]

Lot of requests to review documents?
July 2, 2019  in 

Sign up for KosmoTime, the to do list with super powers. (It’s free.)  Many emails in your inbox and slack messages are someone else wanting you to do something, right?

To do list of the future | AI Powered
April 24, 2019  in 

KosmoTime is the to do list of the future — engineered according to the latest findings in cognitive theory and productivity science. As you explore the productivity resources below, be sure to sign up for KosmoTime (it’s free) and begin to enjoy a massive uptick in your productivity and efficiency. Have you seen the movie “Her” […]

10 ways AI will completely change Product Management
January 8, 2019  in 

I’ve been working in Product Management for the last 11 years, with senior positions at Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and Pearson. I was fortunate to work at the core of the Mobile wave – I launched one of the first iPad apps ever that grew to 20M users. Now we’re facing a new Tsunami: AI.

How a wellness CEO stays productive… By not working
January 2, 2019  in 

We first met the Getaway team at WorkAwesome NYC – a conference dedicated to optimizing life and productivity for busy people. If you haven’t heard of Geaway, read on: Getaway is cabin rental service that allows you to book a tiny cabin (Called “Outposts”) out in nature. They provide essentials – drinks, cookware, condiments and encourage […]

5 unknown productivity tools you (really) should be using
December 17, 2018  in 

Have you ever heard of Slack? ???? Of course you have. Everyone has. That’s why Slack isn’t on this list. This list is curated to be the most valuable productivity tools you probably haven’t heard of. I think you’ll get a kick out of it, leave a comment and let us know which ones are […]

How UptimeRobot grew from 0 to 600,000 users
December 5, 2018  in 

Meet Umut Muhaddisoğlu, the co-founder of UptimeRobot, the world’s largest uptime monitoring service. He founded and grew his company from a small side project to a service with more than 600,000 users over the course of 6 years. It’s an incredible story. I sat down with Omer to get an inside look at some of […]

We interviewed the CEO of a SaaS that raised >$4.5m, here’s what we learned
November 16, 2018  in 

Meet Omer Malad, he’s a co-founder and CEO of Vervoe, an AI-powered skill-testing solution to help companies hire the best candidates.   His company has raised $4,500,000 and acquired over 4,000 customers, most of them small businesses. They’ve recently started to expand into acquiring larger and even larger customers… ???? I sat down with Omer to […]

Slack task management – how to effectively manage to-do’s with Slack
October 31, 2018  in 

Sign up for GipsyTime, the to do list with superpowers. (It’s free.) You’ve probably been in this situation… You’ve just got out of an interview with a potential new hire and you’ve only got 5 minutes until your next meeting You open slack… Crap. Now you’ve only got 5 minutes to: Respond to your CEO […]

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