Lot of requests to review documents?
July 2, 2019  in 

Sign up for KosmoTime, the to do list with super powers. (It’s free.)  Many emails in your inbox and slack messages are someone else wanting you to do something, right?

To do list of the future | AI Powered
April 24, 2019  in 

KosmoTime is the to do list of the future — engineered according to the latest findings in cognitive theory and productivity science. As you explore the productivity resources below, be sure to sign up for KosmoTime (it’s free) and begin to enjoy a massive uptick in your productivity and efficiency. Have you seen the movie “Her” […]

A typical day in the life of Alina Vandenberghe – KosmoTime co-founder
March 13, 2019  in 

I can’t run a productivity company and not be on the top of my game, right? Well, it’s not by accident that I got into this space. I have been naturally obsessed by efficiency ever since I was a kid. Multitasking came early for me – I was working to pay for my education ever […]

10 ways AI will completely change Product Management
January 8, 2019  in 

I’ve been working in Product Management for the last 11 years, with senior positions at Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and Pearson. I was fortunate to work at the core of the Mobile wave – I launched one of the first iPad apps ever that grew to 20M users. Now we’re facing a new Tsunami: AI.

Here’s our anti-term sheet for VCs… Do you have yours?
November 6, 2018  in 

Pretty soon GipsyBot will embark on a fundraising journey, naturally I’ve started thinking about the most productive way to find the “perfect VC”. I’ve read enough blogs posts on fundraising, they all focus on the same thing: how to pitch. But few of them talk about the selection process from a founders’ standpoint. And for […]

What I tried at the Bulletproof Labs (a playground for adults)
October 29, 2018  in 

Be sure to sign up for GipsyTime, the to do list with superpowers. I’ve been following Dave Asprey (the “inventor” of the BulletProof coffee) for many years now. I used to enjoy reading about his relentless efforts to make himself live longer and healthier through unorthodox ways. I’ve read all his books and I think […]

My experience at 1440 Multiversity (a summer camp for adults)
October 24, 2018  in 

I really dislike cooking. So much so that my biggest dream is that someday I will have a personal chef. One who’s as obsessive on macros and nutrients and latest data on longevity and health factors as I am. Until then I sort my One Meal a Day (OMAD) on my own (I do OMAD because […]

How should you display comments in your app?
October 22, 2018  in 

Comments are a good way to create engagement within your app and most importantly create value to users/visitors by allowing them collaborate and/or express their opinions You can show comments in social media app, on a blog post/video, on a question/answers app or in a collaborative app. Within all these options – what’s the best […]

Keto Summit – Day 2 – Final Takeaways
October 14, 2018  in 

Continuation from Day 1 at the Keto Summit in Washington My backpack is full of books and I’m ready to take the train back to New York. I’m happy I spent a weekend in Washington at the Keto Summit. Here are my 3 takeaways from today.

Keto Summit – Day 1 Recap
October 14, 2018  in 

Ever since my neighbor, who was a second mom to me, died suddenly when I was a kid I just thought life is short. And that you just suddenly die even if you are healthy. This “hypothesis” was confirmed to me later on in college when a friend who looked super lean and as strong […]

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