KosmoTime Featured on Product Hunt

August 25, 2020  in 

It’s official. KosmoHunt is live on Product Hunt!


It’s a big day for KosmoTime.


KosmoTime - To Do List with Super Powers— SPRINTS & DISTRACTION BLOCKING | Product Hunt Embed


We kicked off the day bright and early — 12am Pacific to be precise — to get KosmoHunt on the Product Hunt platform, where thousands of startups line up to get upvoted throughout the day.

Big Hunters. Big Results.

We’ve been upvoted by business and SaaS leaders like Hiten Shah and Noah Kagan. We’re super grateful for all the incredible feedback that we’ve been receiving as well!


Hundreds of Product Hunt members have taken the time to upvote and many have shared their feedback.


Here are some of what our users are saying:

  • Looks great. Fresh and clean and super user-friendly. Schimri
  • I love it! It’s hard to bring fresh value to the productivity app market, and you guys found a way to do it 🙂 – Omri
  • Love the calendar view right from the tasks screen 🙂 – Antoine
  • So excited! Super clean interface, and definitely helps me synchronize my task management + scheduling in my calendar. – Maya
  • Amazing App! And I have seen everything there is in terms of productivity tools. – Donnie
  • This looks like the ideal tool for putting into practice the “rules for focused success” that Cal Newport talks about in Deep Work. – Alfredo

Check us out on Product Hunt!

We’d love you to join the Product Hunt party with a few hours remaining on this important Launch Day!


Search for “KosmoTime” and tell us what you think!