How to Be More Productive: 20 Simple Tips
January 22, 2021  in 

Most of us get productivity all wrong.   We needlessly complicate things by turning productivity into a circus act of tricks, routines, and “hacks.”   Apps, routines, and hacks certainly have their place. But true human productivity, and we can substitute the term efficiency, is rooted in science — behavioral psychology.   In this article, […]

The Weekly To Do List: Your Guide to Achieving More of the Right Stuff in Less Time
January 14, 2021  in 

  The weekly to do list is one of the most powerful tactics for getting more done in less time, achieving control of your week, and advancing in your life and career.   After you finish reading this article, you’ll understand the following: What should be included in a weekly to do list How to […]

StayFocusd vs. KosmoTime – A StayFocusd Alternative
October 19, 2020  in 

Obvious point. The productivity scene is packed with more apps and tools than Jeff Bezos has mansions.   When it comes to distraction blocking, StayFocusd is a popular option. KosmoTime also provides distraction-blocking features, rendering it an appealing alternative to StayFocusd.   If you’re looking for a productivity tool that will help you get into […]

Todoist Alternatives: Todoist vs. KosmoTime
October 8, 2020  in 

In this article, I’m going to present two powerful to do list apps — Todoist and KosmoTime. I’ll share the advantages of each, and propose KosmoTime as a Todoist alternative. Todoist Alternatives – An Overview Todoist is a popular to do list app. With ten years on the market and a reported five million users, […]

How the Book Indistractable Inspired a To Do List Like Nothing Ever Created
September 17, 2020  in 

Some apps are birthed from a flash of creative inspiration.   Others build software out of sheer necessity.   KosmoTime came about differently — a mashup of scientific insights, a powerful book by the bestselling Nir Eyal, and the problem-solving initiative of two exceptional co-founders.   This is the story of KosmoTime — the genesis […]

The Best Productivity Apps of 2020
September 8, 2020  in 

Looking for the best productivity apps that will help you get your rear in gear and become a ninja of absolute productivity?   You’re in luck.   Here are our picks for the best productivity apps of 2020, along with a breakdown of their features, screenshots, and more. Best Productivity Apps for Distraction Blocking   […]

KosmoTime Featured on Product Hunt
August 25, 2020  in 

It’s official. KosmoHunt is live on Product Hunt!   It’s a big day for KosmoTime.     We kicked off the day bright and early — 12am Pacific to be precise — to get KosmoHunt on the Product Hunt platform, where thousands of startups line up to get upvoted throughout the day. Big Hunters. Big […]

We Changed our Name! Welcome to KosmoTime!
August 13, 2020  in 

Hey there! We decided to change our name to KosmoTime!   Why Kosmo? We wanted to have a bot-like character embody the super powers of our app. We thought we should name it after its father in real life, the super talented designer Mik Skuza, whose middle name is Kosma. Bingo! the name Kosmo, derived […]

Better Productivity at Work: 13 Science Backed Tactics
July 28, 2020  in 

Better productivity at work isn’t about following the newest fads or getting advice from some guru.   It’s about following the science and structuring your day based on data-driven studies.   Keep it objective and progress will come.   Here are 13 science backed tactics to have better productivity at work, while keeping stress at […]

Zeigarnik Effect: A Counterintuitive Approach to Boost Your Productivity
July 23, 2020  in 

The Zeigarnik effect is what happens when the brain can more easily recall an activity that has been interrupted.   Interestingly, the Zeigarnik effect is based on something that KosmoTime is designed to protect you against— interruptions.   So, it may seem strange and counterintuitive that I’d want to devote an entire blog post to […]

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