Time, Not Tasks

August 15, 2018  in 

No matter how different our daily lives are, there is one commonality between all of us – we all only have 24 hours in a day. That’s why we believe, and know, that in today’s hyperbusy environment, scheduling your time intelligently is more important than ever. We’re not saying task management isn’t necessary – it’s essential for organization and direction. But there’s a distinction – task management focuses on ‘planning’, whereas time management focuses on ‘doing’. Here some key reasons why time management is crucial, and works:


  1. It’s measurable

You can plan and list out all your tasks, but it’s pointless without grounding the tasks in the time it takes to do them. Knowing exactly how much time you have in a day and how your tasks fit into that time prevents you from overbooking yourself. You can keep also reliably track your productivity and find ways to improve. For instance, you might want to know: which tasks consistently take you longer than expected? Which tasks occupy most of your time? For the first time ever, an AI bot exists that can answer and do all of this for you.


  1. It’s universal

Your tasks go beyond just the tasks from your job. You may have personal errands to run, lunches with friends to eat, calls to make, or flights to catch. You have many lives – personal, work, and social. It’s hard to plan all of these tasks in one place. With Gipsybot, it’s easy. You can add tasks directly from any of your inboxes, significantly reducing email clutter. Plus, tasks are automatically synced between all your calendars. Organizing by time allows you to easily handle your daily priorities from all your lives, seamlessly. Which brings us to the next point…


  1. It focuses on the present

Time is fluid. Schedules change. It’s impossible to plan out your time too far into the future, and we recognize that. This is where a lot of the criticism of time management falls apart. Proponents of task management argue that time management results in too many tasks, and ignores prioritization. This isn’t a problem when you only manage your hours in one day. Again, time management can’t replace your task management tools, it’s meant to complement it. Gipsybot focuses on the number of hours you have in one day, and automatically schedules your time for you, so that you know exactly what you have to work on, and when.


  1. It’s action-oriented

Planning can only take you so far without action. When you know exactly how much time you have given yourself to complete something, you push yourself to finish it in that time. After all, to-do-list items are not meant to be big tasks spanning days or even weeks. They should be small and manageable enough that you can realistically finish them within one day. Of course, managing your tasks based on time also holds you accountable for completing them – especially useful if you tend to procrastinate or are easily distracted.


  1. It’s necessary for teams, and now, it’s possible!

Once your team has figured out which tasks to work on and who’s doing it, it’s time to deliver. Easier said than done – delays are inevitable when dealing with many internal and external stakeholders, causing a ripple effect across your entire team. While coordinating tasks is easy, coordinating individual schedules is difficult and time-consuming. But nothing good comes easy, right? Don’t worry, we did the hard work for you. GipsyBot allows you to delegate tasks in an intelligent way that adapts to people’s schedules, resulting in more doing and less head-butting.


Want Early Access?

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