Lot of requests to review documents?
July 2, 2019  in 

Sign up for KosmoTime, the to do list with super powers. (It’s free.)  Many emails in your inbox and slack messages are someone else wanting you to do something, right?

To do list of the future | AI Powered
April 24, 2019  in 

KosmoTime is the to do list of the future — engineered according to the latest findings in cognitive theory and productivity science. As you explore the productivity resources below, be sure to sign up for KosmoTime (it’s free) and begin to enjoy a massive uptick in your productivity and efficiency. Have you seen the movie “Her” […]

A typical day in the life of Alina Vandenberghe – KosmoTime co-founder
March 13, 2019  in 

I can’t run a productivity company and not be on the top of my game, right? Well, it’s not by accident that I got into this space. I have been naturally obsessed by efficiency ever since I was a kid. Multitasking came early for me – I was working to pay for my education ever […]

Here’s our anti-term sheet for VCs… Do you have yours?
November 6, 2018  in 

Pretty soon GipsyBot will embark on a fundraising journey, naturally I’ve started thinking about the most productive way to find the “perfect VC”. I’ve read enough blogs posts on fundraising, they all focus on the same thing: how to pitch. But few of them talk about the selection process from a founders’ standpoint. And for […]

Best practices when managing tasks you delegate to others
September 20, 2018  in 

The ability to delegate effectively is no doubt one of the most important skills for managers. A study conducted in 2012 by Lawrence Technological University reported that 70% of leaders state they routinely delegate and 20% state they delegate often. Yet that majority of managers report struggling with too much on their plate. More often […]

Ad hoc requests: the #1 biggest impediment to team productivity
August 27, 2018  in 

Ad hoc requests are tasks that come up unexpectedly, aren’t planned for, and are typically outside of a project’s scope. Regardless of whether your role requires you to assign these tasks to others or to complete them, they’re silently a productivity killer for everyone. But just how bad are they? According to a survey conducted […]

Time, Not Tasks
August 15, 2018  in 

No matter how different our daily lives are, there is one commonality between all of us – we all only have 24 hours in a day. That’s why we believe, and know, that in today’s hyperbusy environment, scheduling your time intelligently is more important than ever. We’re not saying task management isn’t necessary – it’s […]

The 2018 Task Management Software Landscape
August 15, 2018  in 

It has been more than 10 years since the release of the first iOS, and since then we’ve seen the number of productivity apps and software as a whole has skyrocketed. Recently, major tech players have been adding productivity tools to their app portfolios through both internal development and acquisitions. We’ve organized the current task […]

Which of these 9 unique to-do-list apps is made for you?
August 15, 2018  in 

With the huge number of To-Do-List apps out there these days, it can be a real hassle to figure out which app is the right one for you without trying them all. We know just how tedious that is. Even the best apps always seem to be missing a feature here and there. The truth […]

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