We Changed our Name! Welcome to KosmoTime!

August 13, 2020  in 

Hey there! We decided to change our name to KosmoTime!


Why Kosmo?

We wanted to have a bot-like character embody the super powers of our app. We thought we should name it after its father in real life, the super talented designer Mik Skuza, whose middle name is Kosma. Bingo! the name Kosmo, derived from the Greek word for world or order, suits our app perfectly!

Why Time?

As for the word, time, we are focused on making every minute of your day matter, whether you use it in leisure, productivity, sprints, or sleep.


So…sorry, I missed something — what’s KosmoTime?

If you’re new here, here’s a quick catch up.


KosmoTime is a to do list. But it’s a to do list with super powers.


Wait, super powers?


Most of the popular to do lists are just that — lists. What good is a list besides keeping a running list of things that you have to do?


KosmoTimes takes the concept of to do lists and turns that list into execution. How? With three things that no other to do list on the cosmo does:

  1. One-click task bookmarking
  2. Total distraction blocking
  3. Sprints


Yes, it’s a to do list. With an essential component — you actually get things done.


That, my friend, is a super power.


You’re in the flow.


With Kosmo, you feel complete.

KosmoTime is science-backed.

We’re kind of obsessed with science.


In a good way.


We believe that one does not simply self-generate bursts of productivity and inspiration, although that’s certainly a thing.


The reality of productivity goes back to science — cognitive psychology, the science of motivation, stuff like that.


When you use KosmoTime, you’ll be tapping into this science in a profound way.


You’ll unleash activation energy, experiment with the Zeigarnik Effect, tap into your body’s ultradian rhythms, and discover a whole new world of clear-headed, zen-like, flow-state productivity.


And, damn, it feels good.


What’s Next for KosmoTime?

We’re going places!


KosmoTime will continue to innovate, enhance, and improve your workflow, based on productivity science and behavior psychology.


This shift to a new name suggests a transition to a broader vision and identity – one that will help make the Kosmo a better place.


Thanks for coming along for the ride.


And, if for some reason you haven’t signed up for KosmoTime now, sign up now. It’s free.


You won’t regret it.