Keto Summit – Day 2 – Final Takeaways
October 14, 2018  in 

Continuation from Day 1 at the Keto Summit in Washington My backpack is full of books and I’m ready to take the train back to New York. I’m happy I spent a weekend in Washington at the Keto Summit. Here are my 3 takeaways from today.

Keto Summit – Day 1 Recap
October 14, 2018  in 

Ever since my neighbor, who was a second mom to me, died suddenly when I was a kid I just thought life is short. And that you just suddenly die even if you are healthy. This “hypothesis” was confirmed to me later on in college when a friend who looked super lean and as strong […]

How fast can you read a book (and understand it)
October 10, 2018  in 

Sign up for GipsyTime, the To Do list with superpowers. They say reading a book should be handled as drinking wine. You savor it, you don’t rush to finish it. But I’m of the opinion that not all books are like wine. Some need reading without the need of pondering on every word (like most […]

This little tool tells me how much time I’ll spend reading an article
October 9, 2018  in 

Often tasks in my GipsyBot list are articles others tell me I should read. I trust the judgement of those who send me articles and have the best intention of reading the referred links. But it’s not always obvious how much this specific task will take me I want to pre-build this feature into GipsyBot […]