5 Practical Things Highly Productive People Do Daily
June 9, 2021  in 

This is a non-exhaustive list. I invite you to share the recommendations that have worked for you and help you be more productive and get into focus day after day!     1) 🚀 They use the right productivity tools   It’s like baking a cake: you know the recipe, and you need the right […]

Do These 3 Things On Friday To Make Monday An Easy Day!
June 4, 2021  in 

Yes – it can be by kicking off the week with the right amount of caffeine, but I actually have some other cool tips for you, in search of productivity advice!   Mondays have a bad reputation, and they’re inevitable. Often, Monday rhymes with going back into the whirlwind of meetings or endless Zoom calls […]

How To Nail Your Productivity While Working From Home
May 5, 2021  in 

Working from home was an inevitable change that the COVID-19 outbreak has brought around the world. To comply with social-distancing policies, many businesses have seen a drastic structural change and had to be able to adapt quickly to the unprecedented situation. In the past year, most workers have adjusted to the new work-from-home set up, […]

The End-Goal: Staying Productive Long-Term
April 28, 2021  in 

You may have heard of the 21-day rule that says that if you commit to a personal or professional goal for 21 days in a row, then the pursuit of that goal becomes a habit. After 21 days of doing the same thing with diligence, you should have established a permanent lifestyle change.   21-day […]

How A Solid Daily Routine Gives Your Productivity A Real Boost
April 21, 2021  in 

One of the best ways to start my day is to get up early, do yoga, meditate and eat a healthy breakfast. From Monday to Sunday, it’s my daily morning habits that set the tone for the rest of the day. I know that getting up early is not everybody’s cup of tea, the struggle […]

How To Get The Most Of Your Days: The Time Blocking Strategy
April 15, 2021  in 

Back-to-back meetings, endless chains of emails, social media distractions, instant message notifications, moments of procrastination… Does it all sound familiar? And do you find that your productivity rarely makes it through the day?   You’ve probably tried multiple organisation tips and strategies already but often come to the same conclusion: not all the tasks on […]

The Weekly To Do List: Your Guide to Achieving More of the Right Stuff in Less Time
January 14, 2021  in 

  The weekly to do list is one of the most powerful tactics for getting more done in less time, achieving control of your week, and advancing in your life and career.   After you finish reading this article, you’ll understand the following: What should be included in a weekly to do list How to […]

The Best Productivity Apps of 2020
September 8, 2020  in 

Looking for the best productivity apps that will help you get your rear in gear and become a ninja of absolute productivity?   You’re in luck.   Here are our picks for the best productivity apps of 2020, along with a breakdown of their features, screenshots, and more. Best Productivity Apps for Distraction Blocking   […]

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