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KosmoTime is the to do list of the future — engineered according to the latest findings in cognitive theory and productivity science.

As you explore the productivity resources below, be sure to sign up for KosmoTime (it’s free) and begin to enjoy a massive uptick in your productivity and efficiency.

Have you seen the movie “Her” ? An AI called Samantha was supposed to make the Theodore’s life, the main character, easier by organizing his life and also making him succeed in his career and love goals. While she managed to break his heart, she does help Theodore in his career, gets his work published and gets him closer to his childhood female friend.

I have a different interpretation of the AI of the future – it’s a little bit less sexier than Scarlet Johansen but it is a lot more empowering

Here are twelve things that I think a to do list of the future can do to help you achieve your goals

Help you do deep work

It’s easy to get distracted. It’s easy to be a pro at scrolling past social media posts. BUT it’s really really hard to train your mind to focus to build the next Facebook, the next Instagram. Heck just 3 hours of uninterrupted work can seem a luxury. There are many ways in which you can achieve deep work (see Deep Work by Carl Newport) but most of them include locking yourself from external distractions to focus on ONE TASK. Not all of us are as super human as J.K Rowling in terms of self control (she goes to hotels to finish the books OR completely stays aways from social media for extended period of times). So it would be conceivable that we can rely on some intelligent system that matches our personality to keep us in the “zone” to get things done.

In my case it would probably give me a techno playlist on Spotify, learn to filter only important things on my texts and show a flashing signal on my desk “she’s in the zone” 🙂

Help you focus on your goal

Those around us who achieve things we’re envious do so because they have enviable goals to start with. The importance of goals is clearly highlighted in John Doerr book “Measure what matters” . For those who don’t know John Doerr, he has net worth of $7.7Bn as of 2019 and that’s because he’s a genius VC (backed Larry Page, Jeff Bezos at the very beginning). So I was super grateful that he put his goal methodology in a book that we can all read.

Since we are all bond to human failure, an AI that could keep focused on the things that matter would make a huge difference into how are days are planned out

For my work at KosmoTime I would probably get higher priority to tasks that involve talking to users. And much higher priority to data highlights that show engagement for certain features I haven’t paid attention in the first place

Read your vitals to guide for best time to achieve certain tasks

“You could help your cortisol levels with 10 minute walk around the block” is the kind of thing your to do list of the future can tell you at 3pm in the afternoon

It can use your cortisol, insulin response and other vitals information to plan your workouts, meditation time , nudge you to take walks etc at the right time to achieve optimal results. My favorite book on this subject are Why we sleep by Matthew Walker and Spark by John J Ratey (a professor at Harvard , recognized on his work in Neuropsychiatry)


Use latest studies to optimize your peak performance

Image result for found my fitness“This new study shows that this probiotic strain helps people with your genetic makeup improve their visual memory by 40%. Want to add yogurt to your shopping list?”

It can quickly learn from thousands of studies what can make “you” achieve your best performance. For instance I’ve recently learned (from the help of Rhonda’s Patrick site) that I am slow in processing choline and it’s the main reason I had a problem recalling the names of people I meet. As soon as I added more eggs to my diet this problem almost disappeared

Wish an intelligent system will always make me aware of these kind of “tweaks”


Use social data for optimizing your hormone levels

“You haven’t seen Blossom in the past two weeks. Maybe you want to schedule something on Monday?”

Since we’re all moist robots that appreciate social company, the effect of some people around us has a positive impact on our productivity. For instance I’m happier every single time I visit my Pilates Teacher. Part of it is the exercise, part is her bubbly personality that’s contagious.  I’m sure my intelligent to do list would recommend me I’d see her more often


Use cohort data from latest “software tools” to guide in optimizing your efforts

“Take 10 minutes to look into Chili Piper. This company in your space just doubled their conversion rates for inbound last month because of it”

It can learn how a task is best performed to nudge you to get better results in your work. For instance if it learns that a new tool has been developed that it increases 10x the speed of your task and you’re not already using that tool it may suggest you look into it

Now that we’re close to tax season I’m sure it would recommend me AI bots that can figure out all my accounting across my two businesses and my personal life as well 🙂


Condense advanced information to generate insightful data points for your particular domain

“Here’s the report for your meeting today. You will need to 10 minutes to review it”

Sometimes I have to spend countless of hours to find answers to my very particular questions. For instance yesterday I was curious to learn how many active users each one of our competitors has. It took me a good hour to find out the answer. With the help of an intelligent tool I’m sure I would have found out sooner. Tools like this already exist but they are not yet available to wider public yet

I also wish it would show me all the data that would help me make the right decisions when I need to (both pro and con a certain direction) so that I avoid any kind of bias


Remind you of unwanted behavior

“Check your email for 40 minutes today. I know you’re tempted to do it right now but you only have 30 minutes until you get to mark all those emails as read”.

This is probably pretty easy to achieve even without AI. But can have a big impact. If you find yourself doing things that you rather avoid you can set up limits. And have your intelligent to do list remind you to stay away from those behaviors. For instance if you rather just check your email twice a day, the AI can block an appropriate time (based on inflow of email and your normal processing speed) and nudge you to stay away outside of those blocks


Optimize your fuel intake for peak performance

Image result for spirulina smoothie“Don’t forget to eat raw spirulina smoothie with chia seeds this morning. Yesterday you recorded peak performance at the gym after it”

This one is easier said than done but we’re all so unique only a super intelligent system would know how to regulate our nutrition for a perfect working machine.  For instance recent studies show that certain intermittent fasting regimens can be super effective in individuals with ADHD.

Motivate you

Image result for zola raised 100M“Zola just raised $100M

We all become better when we have a coach close by who knows to say just the right things when we need them the most. For instance I am not the envious type BUT I do get very competitive when I get compared with other people similar to me. I don’t hold grudge but the fact that there are players in my game, makes my game more worthy playing. So in this case the AI would just have to show me the results from a woman led business a day to get my boost in energy

Help you delegate

“Give this task to Damian. He will like it more than you”

While we all think we can “maintain control” by doing everything ourselves it often makes a whole lot of sense to delegate the work to more competent people. Often we don’t realize that there’s someone in our team more knowledgeable on a topic that can do the work better. Or a freelancer on remote island who can do the work 10 times faster. Don’t you wish you knew when and to whom to give the work you are not suited for?


Unravel your creativity

Image result for dumbo parkOne of the beautiful skills of humanity is creativity. A beautiful song, a beautiful building, a beautiful book. All things that have been created by someone in their peak creativity can make our lives more enchanting.

I wish I had a todo list that would remind me more to disconnect and be creative

“Get out and explore the Dumbo park with your phone on airplane mode. If you want I can do it for you”